NH International

travels the world to find the very best in research, quality and design for our customers since 1984. Our Environmental Products bring you the very best in water purification, air filtration and home cleaning systems, Our products are designed to protect you and your family against toxins and pollutants, thus helping you and your family live a healthier lifestyle.
Our cooking system gives you every reason to enjoy the art of cooking. Your commercial quality cookware comes with both waterless and nutritional capability and is also induction-ready. The sturdy surgical stainless steel craftsmanship insures a durable and easy to clean surface. With different sets to choose from, you can truly find the ideal set that accommodates your household cooking needs. And all of the cookware comes with a lifetime warranty.
Mission Statement….
Our company is committed to locating, developing and delivering the finest products from around the globe. Our commitment to our customer is to bring the highest quality products at affordable prices, with the integrity of lifetime warrantees paired with our excellent customer service.

For every NH International product purchased, our company proudly contributes to the Feed The Children Fund